Porsche 356 Mille Miglia 1959 Original Zeichnung von Benjamin Freudenthal

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Porsche 935 Kremer 1979 Original Zeichnung von Sébastien Sauvadet


Porsche 356.

Mille Miglia 1959 .

Reproduktion einer Original Zeichnung von Benjamin Freudenthal.

Papier 300g/m2 UV- lackiert.

Größe 50 x 40 cm.

Signed and numbered.


We offer a superb illustration of this alchemy through the representation of the Porsche 356 A 1300 Super No. 244 class winner at the Mille Miglia in 1955 driven by Richard von Frankenberg (famous German pilot and journalist who finished fourth in the 24 Hours of Le Mans the same year with a Porsche 550). The copilot is Peter Oberndorf. They finished 21th overall and class winners in 1300 cm3. The painting of Benjamin is superb. We see a break in the rain on a road that is still wet. The Porsche 356 splashes water over the Ferrari behind. The clarity of the moment is as well represented as the speed of the scene. The Porsche356  is beautiful with stunning detail. From the sunshine on mirrors and chromes, and reflections on the body, everything is there.

Benjamin Freudenthal is drawing since his childhood. Fascinated by the magic of aviation scenes depicted on his childhood model boxes, his heart is between airplanes and cars. He explains that in a successful painting, the landscape is more important than the subject : "If you can feel the air temperature, the time of day (to the hour), and the speed of a car, then you are in the presence of a high-quality painting. The originality of the composition is also a determining factor to the final success".


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Porsche 356 Mille Miglia 1959 Original Zeichnung von Benjamin Freudenthal

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Porsche 356

Mille Miglia 1959 

Reproduktion einer Original Zeichnung von Benjamin Freudenthal

Papier 300g/m2 UV- lackiert

Größe 50 x 40 cm

Signed and numbered

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