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Wash your Porsche using water and a specially formulated car wash and conditioner. Dishwashing soaps & detergents strip your car’s wax and can dry your paint out leading to a loss of gloss and shine. In automotive paint care, washing and cleaning are not the same. While they sound similar, they are vastly different procedures. Washing removes loose contaminants from your finish like dust, road grime, and fresh bird droppings. A common misconception is that dishwashing detergent is safe to use as car wash. Absolutely not! Detergents are formulated to strip everything off of the surface, leaving it squeaky clean. A squeaky paint finish tells you that it has no protection. With repeated use, dishwashing detergents remove everything from your paint finish including waxes, silicones and polymers. Once this is accomplished, they then proceed to remove the life giving oils in your paint finish, actually accelerating the oxidation process. All of Meguiars car wash products are pH balanced and specifically formulated to enhance the appearance and protection of automotive paint finishes.