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Porsche 911 « G Type » : 1974-1989 This generation of 911 marks the first real stylistic change caused by the need of new security features. The main change is the arrival of the new famous bumpers adapted to American safety standards. The other main changes concern the interior, with the first seats with incorporated head restraints and the 3-point seat belts. 2 big changes appear with this generation of 911: the first 911 Convertible and the first 911 turbo! 3 different engines sizes are grouped in this "generation" of 911: 2.7-liter, 3.0 liter and the 3.2-liter, making it the longest of all: 15 years (1974-1989) From 1974-1976, the engine 911 is 2.7 liters and power ranges from 150 horsepower to 175 horsepower for the 911 S. Two bodies are available: Coupe and Targa In 1976, the 911 becomes the "Carrera 3.0", with an output of 200 horsepower. From 1977 to 1983, Porsche presents the 911 SC (Super Carrera initials), whose power varies over time from 180 to 204 horsepower. The bodies are Coupe and Targa From 1984 to 1989, the 911 becomes "911 Carrera" with a 3.2 liters engine of 231 hp. In addition the “coupé” appears a real novelty for the 911 : the 911 convertible replaces the Targa The other revolution is the appearance of the turbocharger on the 911 that remain topical 40 years later ! The first 911 Turbo appeared in 1975. It is the first 911 with a large rear spoiler. Its 3.0 liter engine, develops 260 horsepower. In 1977, the capacity of the 911 turbo goes to 3.3 liters and 296 horses hp.