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Created in 1906, the Karosseriewerk Reutter became famous through the design and production of bodies for the first German car manufacturers, but also through the filing of numerous patents in the field of convertible bodywork. The collaboration with Porsche began through the joint production of prototypes, the best known of which being that of the original Volkswagen in 1938. The mastery of industrial processes acquired by the company over the years allowed it to actively participate in the start of mass production of the one that will become the Beetle.

After the Second World War, the Karosseriewerk Reutter gradually resumed its activity. An increasingly close collaboration with Porsche then developped, and led to the mass production of the Porsche 356, the first model ever marketed by Porsche, and one of the most sucessful sports cars of its time. Over the years, work for Porsche allowed to offsetting the decline in traditional pre-war bodywork. The development of the bodywork of the 901, the 911 to be, was another example of successful collaboration between the two companies, but it led inexorably to the takeover of Reutter by Porsche, in 1963 .

A subsidiary of Reutter, created at the end of the 1950s in Switzerland, Recaro AG, moved then to Stuttgart and took over some of the employees of Reutter, continuing to develop specific activities, like the research and production of car accessories. Quickly, and thanks to a few relevant innovations, Recaro positioned itself as a world specialist in sports car seats, then airplane seats, then train seats, then all vehicles seats, including car seats and strollers for young children .