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Maintaining other surfaces

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Tyre dressing applicator pad Meguiar's X3090 Dimensions: 10 cm To apply Meguiar's Endurance tire protection gel more evenly and effectively on your Porsche!

8,29 €

Waterless wheel and tyre cleaner Meguiar's G190424 709 ml bottle   For cleaning rims and tires quickly and without rinsing !

19,96 €

Rim cleanser  400ml bottle with sprayer Porsche Car Care Tequipment White Edition 4400215

20,79 €

Rim cleanser  1L bottle  Porsche Car Care Tequipment 4400209

24,96 €

Window cleaner 250ml bottle for 25L of solution Porsche Car Care Tequipment 00004400204

14,13 €

Oil and solvents absorbent mat Soil protection: keeps the soil and environment clean Ideal for workshop, garage, repair, in case of breakdown .... Absorbs oil, brake fluid, cooling water and other solvents High absorption power: avoids cleaning work Dimensions 90 x 60 cm Set of 2 mats Color...

8,29 €

Inside glass cleaner Porsche Car Care Tequipment 99990106440 100 ml bottle with spray

9,96 €

Glass cleaner Insect remover Porsche Car Care Tequipment 00004400203 500 ml bottle with spray Also suitable for the front of your car

13,29 €

Detailing clay professional decontamination gum Meguiars C2000 200 g Using a gum helps make the surface of the Porsche polish smooth as a mirror !

50,00 €

Ultimate Black plastic restorer Meguiar's G15812 355 ml bottle Renews and protects the tarnishedplastic !

16,63 €

Hi-Tech Foam Applicator Pad Meguiar's W0002 Dimensions: 10 cm Set of 2To apply Meguiar's products more uniformly and effectively on your Porsche !

5,00 €

High Gloss Tyre Gel Endurance Meguiar's G7516 473 ml bottle   Always like new tires for your Porsche !

16,63 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items