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“You can seriously love cars without taking yourself seriously”: this is the credo of Bixhope Art, an artist who is changing the way we look at cars.

For him, the automobile is man's most beautiful conquest; it symbolizes evolution, progress, freedom, emancipation, enjoyment and dreams.

Bixhope Art fell into the cauldron of art from childhood. He remembers the hours spent together in the studio, visits to exhibitions and lively discussions about artistic trends from his artist father. In 1974 father and son discovered American hyperrealist artists. A click that will change the course of your life! However, it will still have to take until 2019 before the fifty-year-old Bixhope Art can afford to paint her first work. A gift for one of his children, which was quickly followed by many other achievements. Creative bulimia of an artist who - almost against his will - was caught up by painting!

Omnipresent in Bixhope Art's work, cinema and the automobile are the two passions that set the rhythm of his daily life. Again, childhood is never far away and the artist is inexhaustible when it comes to evoking the Porsche 911 that captured his admiration at the age of 7. An orange colored racing car that inspired him to paint A Clockwork Orange. With its title in the form of a nod to cinema, this work perfectly summarizes the artist's work. In particular, we find Bull The Dog, a funny and colorful dog that has become a recurring character in the work of Bixhope Art.

Halfway between pop art and hyperrealism, Bixhope Art's style gives pride of place to color and happiness. A supposed contrast to the gloomy environment that gives his original creations a freshness that we never tire of. Crafted from acrylic, these pieces transport us to a universe of gleaming chrome, hair-raising curves and legendary bodywork. Cross over there, Ayrton Senna or Steve McQueen. Iconic characters resurrected before our eyes!

Since 2020 he has participated in numerous exhibitions, Art3F Monaco, Art Shopping Paris, Auto Moto Rétro Rouen, Sonia Monti Paris, Van Gogh Madrid, Honfleur, Rétromobile Paris, Porsche Casting Deauville, 1000 Alpines for Jean Rédélé Dieppe…

His achievements were presented for 1 year in the showrooms of the Porsche Centers in Rouen and Caen and are permanently presented in the Alpine Deauville showroom.