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Porsche 911 Type 996: The fifth generation of Porsche 911 is called 996. This model will mark the Porsche fans as the first 911 breaking the tradition because of its liquid cooling. It is also a sound change, the engine noise is more quiet. Presented to the public in 1998, this 911 will be produced until 2004. Two esthetic features will be discussed at length: the end of the round headlights in favor of those from the Boxster and a less curved line nearest to the origins of the brand from Zuffenhausen. The 996 Carrera originally equipped with an engine 3.4 liters will be changed from 2002 with a 3.6 liter engine. This version will undergo a cosmetic facelift including a change in the shape of the headlights, taken from the 996 turbo, and let foresee a return to round headlamps. The 996 will know of many versions : 996 Carrera coupe and convertible 996 Carrera S coupe and convertible 996 Carrera 4 coupe and convertible (including the 996 Carrera 4 anniversary 40 years 911) 996 Carrera 4S coupe and cabriolet Targa 996 with first sliding sunroof instead of foldable roof 996 Turbo Coupe and Convertible 996 Turbo S coupe and convertible 996 GT2 996 GT3 996 GT3 RS