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The Porsche Design

The critically acclaimed Type 301 Design by F.A. Porsche Messer, popularly known as “Porsche Messer”, “Chroma Type 301” or simply “Porsche 301”, has found many followers around the world since its launch and quickly became a cult. It is the object of the cutlery decade 2000 and has not aged a bit. The Porsche company is known for its forms that take up the function of the object. Based on the observation that the handle of a knife is oriented vertically between thumb and forefinger at the front and horizontally between the little finger and palm at the back, the team at F.A. Porsche design this knife with an inverted handle compared to the blade for an inimitable feel. The knife adapts to all hands, large or small, as it adapts to the shape. Very important for professionals: Its curved back is ideally designed to allow the index finger to fit there without hitting the blade heel, which avoids pain during prolonged use. The handles are quite long and adapted to the length of the blades and their function. The sporty and timeless design, a trademark of Porsche, is clear, puristic and uncompromising. In uncompromising we find the meaning of better, reliable, persistent and committed. Germans often say "Design oder nicht sein", a play on words based on "to design or not to be".

CHROMA quality and performance

The Porsche knife is a compendium of the finest elements. German design, more precisely Austrian, on the material side we have chosen Japanese steel and entrusted the implementation to Chroma. The steel was selected according to relevance criteria between steel hardness and resharpenability, two contradictory data. The knife has to be the symbiosis between the professional world and occasional cooks: high-quality steel, but easy to keep sharp (with a whetstone), extra-flat angles, shapes without heels. This is the widest range of chroma, more than 40 references including the very special and appreciated specific local shapes P36, P40, P41, P42.... The Type 301 design by F.A. Porsche has garnered accolades for both aesthetics and purity since its inception. Over two decades, Chroma Type 301 has won numerous awards and accolades.

Since 2015, its version with hammered blades offers new sensations.

Source: Chroma France