Porsche Taycan custom car cover indoor Premium Quality

Porsche Taycan custom car cover indoor Premium Quality


Porsche Taycan car cover 

Without mirror bag

1. Our Porsche covers are black, designed for indoor and premium quality

2. Unlike 90% of car covers of the market that are produced in China, our covers are produced in Germany by a manufacturer who also provides the covers for Porsche.

3. Our covers are "tailor-made". There is therefore each cover we propose fits for only one Porsche model. For example, the 997 coupe, 997 turbo, 997 GT3 and 997 GT3 RS are obviously all different because of the different size of the rear wings.

4. Some of our covers have mirror bags, and others do not. You can find the information in the description. For some models, the size of the rear wings explains the absence of mirror bags because the cover would not be plated on the body.

5. The quality is perfect. The cover elegantly emphasizes the curves of your Porsche. It is elastic at the front and back for perfect fit and has a bottom hem.

6. The cover is soft, respects and protects the bodywork. The micro-aerated fabric is breathable to allow air circulation.

7. A bag is provided for carrying or storing the cover.

8. In order to preserve your Porsche, it is imperative to install your cover on your cold, clean and dry car.

9. Covers are machine washable at 30 ° C

10. Selection RS covers are guaranteed for 2 years.


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Porsche TAYCAN

Porsche Taycan custom car cover indoor Premium Quality


Porsche Taycan car cover

Without mirror bag

For indoor use

Colour Black

Premium Quality

Adapted to the contours of the vehicle

Micro-aerated and antistatic polyester fabric material 160 g/m²

Soft and supple flannel style inner side

Transport bag

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